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a Castle Rock Sprinkler Repair tech adjusts a pop up head Our Castle Rock sprinkler repair team is a cutting edge service team. We use the latest technology to calibrate your system so you get the best performance possible. We know that a properly calibrated sprinkler system can save you both time and money while delivering better results than watering by hand. An optimized irrigation system will deliver exactly the right amount of water to each area of your lawn and planting beds without you having to lug around a hose or set up and move a temporary sprinkler every 30 minutes. The system will also prevent over and under watering so your turf will look its best throughout the summer. Make sure your system is working at an optimal level - call our Castle Rock sprinkler repair team today.

If you already have a sprinkler system but haven't had it checked in the last year, it probably isn't delivering the service that it could be. Our Castle Rock sprinkler repair team can get your system running perfectly in just a few steps. First we'll do a test run with the current set-up you have to identify any problem areas in the set-up. If any leaks or other major problems are discovered, we'll fix them before proceeding. Last, we will make pressure adjustments to the system and re orient each individual pop-up head.

We Cover More Than Just Sprinkler Repair in Castle Rock

sprinkler repair, hardscape installation, tree maintenance, and more in Castle Rock COThe key to a great sprinkler system is the ability to deliver water consistently at the best time of the day. The best time to water a lawn is in the pre-dawn hours. Our Castle Rock sprinkler repair team suggests adding a controller to your system that will automate the entire watering system. This is the best way to assure that your lawn gets the same amount of water every time at the most optimum time of day. A manual system relies on your to turn it on and off, and let's face it, you got a sprinkler system so you wouldn't have to be bothered with exactly this type of maintenance. Call in our Castle Rock sprinkler repair team and reclaim your free time while still maintaining a lawn to envy.

In addition to repairing old systems, our professional Castle Rock sprinkler repair team can design a brand new system customized for your lawn and planting beds. While other companies may try to sell you a one size fits all system, we'll develop a zone specific set-up that will deliver the optimal amount of coverage to every plant in your yard. Single spray head type of systems are out dated and inefficient. We design a system that will work with your current landscape and put you on a maintenance schedule to keep them efficient. A properly maintained system is the key to saving money and having a great looking yard and we've got the techs to do it.

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